For larger businesses with an established IT Team

Co-Managed IT Services is a customized set of ongoing IT services for growing companies with IT departments to get the helping hands, specialized expertise, and/or IT management and automation tools they need WITHOUT the cost and difficulty of finding, managing and retaining a large IT staff OR investing in expensive software tools

This Is Not About Taking Over Anyone’s Job Or Replacing Your I.T. Department

We don’t replace your I.T. staff; we make them better.  By filling in the gaps and assisting them, giving them the best-in-class tools and training, and freeing them to be more proactive and strategic we make them FAR more productive for you.

You maintain complete control over your I.T. Department and decide what you and your team will handle and what problems get passed on or escalated to us.

Co-Managed IT Services make perfect sense when you have an EXTREMELY busy, sometimes frantic, time-pressured IT leader awash in never-ending problems.  If your organization faces the dilemma of needing professional-grade IT support but cannot reasonably afford to invest in all the tools, software, and staff that is required, then you should consider a Co-Managed IT Services solution.  Book a FREE 10- Minute Consultation today with Computer Depot Business Solutions.