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iOS Update Includes iPhone And iPad Features And Fixes

If you don't normally prioritize updating your iPhone and iPad OS, you're probably going to want to shift gears and grab version 13.4 as soon as possible. The latest versions of both ...

Employees Working From Home Turn To VPN During COVID

It's no secret that the global pandemic we're all living through has changed a great many things about both work and home life. For one thing, work and home life are often ...

Be On The Lookout As Astaroth Malware Makes A Comeback

Are you familiar with Astaroth? If you're a data security professional, you've probably at least heard the name. The group gained some notoriety last year when it came to light that they ...

Apple Update Blocks Safari Third Party Cookies By Default

In May of 2019, a Google blog post encouraged all web browsers to adopt the approach of blocking third-party cookies by default. Google announced their own plans to do so, outlining a ...

4 Things you can do right now to survive COVID-19 Marketing Fundamentals. Free Webinar

In this week's live webinar, we take a break from the "tech talk" and share what you can do right now amidst the chaos ...

Webinar: 4 Essential Tools to Stay Connected with Your Team (Watch For Free)

Thomas and Wes look at 4 awesome tools companies can use to keep everyone in their business connected and productive. Working From Home works ...

Windows 10 Announces One Billion Active Devices

Windows 10 is on a lot of devices around the world. In part, that's because it's a significantly better and more modern operating system than its predecessors. In addition, it's partly because ...

Computers Might Be Able To Smell In The Near Future

Word has recently leaked out about an interesting project that's ongoing at Intel's research labs. The company has apparently built an algorithm that mirrors the brain's activity to detect and identify smells. ...

Financial Institution Worker Put User Information At Risk

Noam Rotem, a researcher for vpnMentor, recently made a startling discovery. A database connected to a now defunct app called MCA Wizard was found unsecured on the web. It contained a staggering ...

Webinar: Cyber Security Training Webinar (Watch For Free)

Cyber criminals are working harder than ever to gain access to your company’s data by finding holes in your cyber security. It is more important now with employees working from home to ...


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  • Phone: 865-947-0749

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